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Darlene Bigus Doheny
5223 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, LA
Darlene Bigus-Doheny
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Darlene Bigus-Doheny - Nest
9 x 9 in.  Etching with Chin Colle 
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 9-9-0
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - "The only thing holding these bones together is my imagination"  D.L. Menard
"The only thing holding these bones together is my imagination" D.L. Menard
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - Papa Legba - rj's road
Papa Legba - rj's road
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - Show bill
Show bill
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - pearl
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - erzulie veve
erzulie veve
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - darlene & john
darlene & john
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 i
2007 i
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 ii
2007 ii
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 iii
2007 iii
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 iv
2007 iv
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 v
2007 v
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 vi
2007 vi
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - 2007 vii
2007 vii
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - nopd
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - Dambala Wedo 2 nest
Dambala Wedo 2 nest
24 x 18 in.  Etching with monotype & chin colle 
Darlene Bigus-Doheny - ayedo wedo & the nest
ayedo wedo & the nest
18 x 24 in.   

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artist, printmaker
Printmaking offers infinite opportunities to release a visual idea… magic unfolds when the paper and plate meet in hand-pulling through press.  Successes and mistakes in the studio, as in life, offer the chance to learn more, to see the world a little differently.

Visual artists communicate in a language of symbols, icons and optics. This happy circumstance places us in a position to communicate outside the constrictions of the spoken or written word. It is my hope that through my work I can help foster a deeper personal connection between our innermost selves and the natural world, unhindered by the barriers of language.  By exploring expressions of time, place, culture and spirit, and abstracting the moments into emotional experience, my goal is to reconnect us to the spirit realm that moves just below the surface of the ordinary world.

My husband, saxophonist & Jazz educator John Doheny, and I make our home in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Awards & Publications
2009   Times Picayune ‘Inside Out’, November 14th,
2007   Vanishing Horizons, Fifth Grand Isle Juried Exhibition - Honorable Mention
2006   Nurture/Nature, Fourth Grand Isle Juried Exhibition - Honorable Mention
2005   Unnecessary Losses, Third Grand Isle Juried Exhibition - Award of Excellence
2004   Artist’s Magazine Annual Competition, Honorary Mention, Experimental Category

2003   Tulane Arts Review Fall, Cover and 1 inclusion

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008   Natural Abstractions, Uptown Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2007   Gathering Force, DPW Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2004   Duet, Cellar Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


2010   The Power of Place; 8th Grand Isle Exhibition, Grand Isle, LA
2008   Water Consciousness; 6th Grand Isle Exhibition, Grand Isle, LA
2007   National Small Works Exhibition; Washington Printmakers Gallery, DC; curator Greg Jecmen, National Gallery of Art
         16th Annual National Exhibition; Art Institute & Gallery, Salisbury MD; juror Catriona Fraser, Fraser Gallery, DC
         25th Annual Juried Exhibition; Pleiades Gallery; New York, NY; curator Rebecca Rabinow, Metropolitan Museum of Art
         Vanishing Horizons; 5th Grand Isle Exhibition, Grand Isle, LA
2006   Nurture/Nature; 4th Grand Isle Exhibition Grand Isle, LA
2005   Unnecessary Losses; 3rd Grand Isle Exhibition, Grand Isle, LA  
2004   One Earth, Passionate Voices; Duque Art Center, New Orleans, LA
2003   Rhythm, Color & Harmony; JVC Jazz Festival sponsor; Atelier Gallery, East Harlem, NY; Savacou Gallery, New York, NY


2010   Femme Fest 2010, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Gallery, LA
2009   Art House, New Orleans, LA
2008   Portraits In Blue 8th Annual Visual Expressions on Jazz:
                 Canvas, Paper & Stone Gallery, Harlem, NY
                 St Marks Church, New York, NY  
                 Clinton Hill Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2007   Uncertain Territory: Losing Louisiana; Delgado College Gallery, New Orleans LA
2005   Island Inks, Canadian Artists Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
         Dreams & Dragons, 3 Owls Gallery, Vankleek Hill ON
2004   We all live here, World Trade Center, New Orleans LA
         Nine Artists Etcetera, 3 Owls Gallery, Vankleek Hill ON
2003   Feature Artist, New Orleans Printmaking Studio, New Orleans LA
2002   Art Reigns on Paper, World Trade Center, New Orleans LA
2000   The May Show, 3 Owls Gallery, Vankleek Hill ON
1999   monoprints, DPW Gallery, Vancouver BC

2 person shows
Dundarave Print Workshop (DPW) Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2008   form + abstraction
2006   new works new eyes
2005   beyond the obvious
2003   Near/Far; still life, quiet moment
2002   Amalgam
2001   moments in monotype
2000   Resonance
1998   Messages & Meanings

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