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Darlene Bigus Doheny
5223 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, LA
Uncertain Territory: Losing Louisiana
Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery, Group Exhibition
October 4 - Nov 27, 2007

Uncertain Teritory: Losing Louisiana "...addresses the serious landscape issues facing Louisiana. However, this issue is not limited to our immediate environment, but bleeds across state boundaries and beyond. It is globally connected. There's no question that culture comes from the land. Sadly, much of our natural world is infected, deformed and quietly disapperaing because of lack of leadership or understanding about it. When all else fails, perhaps an aesthetic approach to communicating coastal wetlands loss is necessary, This exhibition is meant to do just that." Jacqueline Bishop

Paticipating Artists: Darlene Bigus-Doheny, Janice C. Cartier, Melissa Turner Drumm, Karin Eberhardt, Claire Waguespack Fenton, Sallie Ann Glassman, Yvonne James, Jeremy Jernegan, Delaina LeBlanc, Dede Lusk, Mary Jane Parker, Cynthia Scott, Ed Smith, Wanda Sullivan, Carlos Luis Zervigon

615 City Park Avenue, Building 1 - 3rd Floor, NOLA (504)671-6363

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